Fathers Day Poems

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Emotions, hard to describe
Yet you always knew, how I felt inside
Our minds alike, head strong and persistent
Yet you’d always lend a ear to listen

Your words may be few, but very wise
And between you and me, there were never lies
You say,life is what it is, live it to the fullest
You’ve only got one shot, no second chances

And when death comes knocking,
You accept, not fearing
My time has come, you say
and yours, well, your life has just begun

When I think of future events,
And how I long for your presence
I believe in your love
And know that you’re watching from above.


Fathers day is almost here
Fathers day it’s time to share
Fathers day is just for dads
Get them a gift so they won’t be sad.


Today of all the other 365 days of the year
is fathers day, hopefully the sky will be clear
today is the days children tell their daddy’s they love them
but i think thats stupid, i don’t agree with them
because if they had my daddy they
are very lucky to have someone as lovely as him
to have someone who’s always there for you, from the beginning to the end
and so i feel bad, because i couldn’t ask for anyone better
and i should tell him, i love you, what ever the weather
but thank god for to day, because otherwise i wouldn’t of
said anything and then ovcourse
daddy would never know how much he means to me
today I’ll tell him i love him and that I’m sorry
sorry i ever disappointed him, forgive me?

happy fathers day


On this Father’s Day i wont cry because where ever you are ,whether it is on this earth or in the sky i know that you are watching over me……
I never knew you but i still love you like i have known you my whole life.
Just to let you know my life went perfect without you but i still wish you were there when i started school and when i had a performance….
I don’t want to have any regrets in my life so i wont say that i regret not searching for my father, but in the end i will probably be sad that my life was missing something important.
At this moment in time i am holding back the tears of not knowing the man who gave me my life…
I hope you will never forget me because i know you know that i do exist…….