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A world of wishes, Sister,
meant especially for you,
May all the nicest things be yours
Today and all year through!

Happy Birthday


This comes with many
special thoughts and
warmest wishes, too,
Because it means
so much to have a
sister like you!

Happy Birthday


For a Sister Who’s Special

Wishing you
special happiness,
wonderful memories…
and all the best
on your birthday
and every day.

Happy Birthday


Dear sister
Though special times
like birthdays
seem the nicest ones by far
to tell you very lovingly
how wonderful you are
You surely know
you’re loved a lot
each day the whole year through
And are always wished
the special things
that mean the most to you.
Happy Birthday


Some mother-in-laws are possessive;
Their child they still want to own.
My mother-in-law’s love is like sunlight;
On both of us it shone.

Some mother-in-laws put you down;
They think you’re not good enough.
My mother-in-law shows approval,
Affection, and other good stuff.

Some mother-in-laws interfere;
They think that they know best.
My mother-in-law lets us be;
She’s better than the rest.

And so I just want to thank you
For being who you are;
You’ve made everything so easy;
As a mother-in-law, you’re a star!


For my mother with love

A mother is a friend on whom you can depend,
she makes you feel you are never alone.
She has a very special way of cheering up a day,
and looks upon your problems as her own..

She shares your every dream and adds to your esteem.
She helps you and does favours, big and small.
She cares with all her heart she has loved you from the start
A mother is the dearest friend of all.



 I look back in time, Young and very innocent
Seeing the world through your eyes
Memories I hold safe in my heart
To sometimes unwrap with a smile and the comfort of a sigh
Now my little girl is grown,
And a woman you have become

With the wisdom and strength God has given
Is tranquillity we feel knowing that anything
you will overcome
This strength and warmth of heart I see in you
I know will lay no boundaries
For the world is yours to have sweetheart
To hold in your hands, each moment to appreciate and seize

I am there standing in the shadows
allowing you to grow and learn
Holding onto the knowledge that with your heart,
You will succeed
It is your strength and kind heart about you that shines

As a single ray of sunlight beaming through a cloud
insisting we look higher and higher
To lift us up when we are down
It is this my daughter in you that I do admire.

Happy Birthday Dear Daughter


Only a daughter knows just what you mean,
Couldn’t care less if your house isn’t clean,
Keeps all your secrets, including your weight—
Only a daughter who’s great.
Only a daughter will lend you a shirt,
Help you get moved, share a dessert,
Not say a word unless asked for advice—
Only a daughter who’s nice.
Only a daughter will cover your butt,
Stand up for your rights, tell you what’s what,
Offer a thoughtful and smart point of view,
Be the one person who keeps coming through,
Someone you just gotta love (and we do!)

Only a daughter like you.


In this changing world,
it’s nice to know
that one thing is forever…
you’ll always be my sister!

Happy Birthday



When I look back on the time we spent together
and how much you taught me no matter what the weather
I always admired all the things you were able to do,
I feel so lucky to have a dad like you.

Thank you for everything



A One-year-old daughter is so many things,
A tiny discoverer of butterfly wings,
A hugger of Teddies,
A sweet sleepyhead,
And someone to dream for in bright years ahead.

A special new person
Who, right from the start,
Has a place in the family
And, of course, in your heart,
And, just when you think
That you’ve learned all the things
That your dear Daughter is
And the joy that she brings,
A hug or a grin
Comes with such sweet surprise
That love finds you smiling
With tears in your eyes!


To My Brother

To a brother that is caring,
To a brother that is full of love,
To a brother that can make
me laugh when I am sad,
To a brother that can make
my depression go away,
To a brother that can make
me smile when things are bad,
To a brother that protects
me when I am threatened.
To my brother, for all those times
you have stood by
me and helped me out,
For all those times when I pulled away
and you pulled me back,
And for all those times,
I thank God for a brother like you.
I’m glad to have you as my brother,
and I wanted to thank you for everything.



There’s a special kind of closeness
that only families know,
that begins with childhood trust
and deepens as you grow.
There’s a special kind of happiness
in sharing little things,
the laughter, smiles, and quiet talks
that daily living brings.

There’s a special kind of comfort
in knowing your family’s there,
to back you up, to cheer you up
to understand and care.
Of all the treasures life may bring,
your family means the most.
And whether near or far apart,
that love will hold you close.


F is for Familiar… there is no place like home.
A is for always welcome, no matter how far you roam.
M is for memories, more cherished each day.
I is for inspiration given along the way.
L is for Love you feel each time you get together.
Y is for the years to come for family lasts forever.


You’re the very bestest (brother) (sister)
I’m so glad that we’re related
Aren’t you really glad
That the old folks mated

To my lovely little baby (niece) (nephew)
I’m so proud to be related
And well done to the parents
I’m so glad that you two mated

(Pauline) my dearest (sister) (aunt)
I’m so glad that we’re related
So I’m sure that you’ll forgive me
That this card’s a tad belated

You’re a god in human form
I’ve often heard that stated (by you)
So that makes me a goddess
I’m so glad that we’re related
Happy Birthday Adonis

(Sister) (Aunt) , you’re the best in town
Nay the County, indeed, the Nation
Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday
To my favourite relation

People who are nice as you
Are great to be related to!

Relatives like you
Are precious and few



A Father means so many things…..
A understanding heart,
A source of strength and of support
Right from the very start.
A constant readiness to help
In a kind and thoughtful way.
With encouragement and forgiveness
No matter what comes your way.
A special generosity and always affection, too
A Father means so many things
When he’s a man like you…..



Your Time
Your Care
Your Love
Your Money!


Did I ever say thanks
for all the toys you
mended, games we
played, outings to the park,

and the way you always tried to cheer
me when I was down?

Did I ever say thanks for
the sacrifices you made
so I could be involved
in so many enriching

Did I ever say thanks for
working so hard to provide for our family?

Did I ever say thanks for having
such faith in me and always
being there when I needed you?
Most of all, did I ever say thanks for caring?



God took the strength of a mountain
The majesty of a tree
The warmth of a summer sun
The calm of a quiet sea
The generous soul of nature
The comforting arm of night
The power of the eagles flight
The joy of a morning spring
The faith of a mustard seed
The patience of eternity
The depth of a family need
Then God combined these qualities
And then there was nothing more to add
He knew his masterpiece was complete
And so he called it…Dad.


A dad is a person
Who’s loving and kind,
And often he knows
What you have on your mind.
He’s someone who listens,
Suggest and defends…
A dad can be one
Of your very best friends!
He’s proud of your triumphs,
But when things go wrong,
A dad can be patient
And helpful and strong.
In all that you do
A dad’s love plays a part –
There’s always a place for him
Deep in your heart –
And each year that passes,
You’re even more glad,
More grateful and proud
Just to call him your dad!


Walk a little slower daddy
said a little child so small,
I’m following your footsteps
and I don’t want to fall.

Sometimes your steps are very fast
sometimes they are hard to see,
so walk a little slower daddy,
For you are leading me.

Someday when I’m all grown up
you are what I want to be,
then I will have a little child
who will want to follow me.

I would want to lead just right
and know that I was true,
so walk a little slower daddy,
For I must follow you!


A father is a source of strength,
A teacher and a guide,
The one his family looks up to
With loving trust and pride…
A father is a helper
With a willing hand to lend,
A partner, an adviser,
And the finest kind of friend…


Grand Daughter

 Granddaughter, you’re the future
through time flies by so fast
Here’s a wish for happiness
and love that’s meant to last.
so it’s only natural
now that your birthday’s here
to wish for you a special day
filled with happiness and cheer

Happy Birthday Granddaughter



I’m sending this card Dear Grandma/Nanny
Just to tell you what’s in my mind
Of how very sweet and special you are,
So loving, warm and kind
You are always understanding
And oh so thoughtful too
And I’m wishing for a birthday
That’s the very best for you


I love you Nanny/Grandma such a lot
You mean the world to me
You’re patient, kind and full of fun
And thoughtful as can be
You help me out and give advice
You’re there when times are bad
You buy me treats and things I need
And hug me when I’m sad.
But best of all, we’re special pals
And as today’s for you
It seems the perfect time to say
‘You’re Wonderful’…it’s true!


Nanny/Grandma On this special day
these words are sent to say
You bring a ray of sunshine
into this world each day.
For having you as a Nanny/grandma
is a gift to closely hold
for always and forever,
to treasure just like gold.
For you are always there
like a light that shines so bright
And you spread rainbows of happiness
over everything in sight.
so thank you so much Nanny/Grandma
for all the things you do
For all the kindness in your heart
and the fun and laughter too.


Of all the Grandma’s in the world
That ever there could be
You’ll never know how glad I am
That God gave you to me.


What could be more precious
than a grandmother’s special love,
she always seems to know the things
that we are fondest of.
She’s always ready with a smile
or a loving word of praise;
her laughter always brightens up
the cloudiest of days
She has an understanding heart
that encourages and cheers;
the love she gives so freely
grows deeper with the years.
Her wisdom and devotion
are blessings from above;
nothing could be more precious
than a grandmother’s special love

Happy birthday Grandma


Grandma, when I think of you
this is what I see;
A happy smiling grandma
doing lovely things for me.
Your eyes are soft and knowing
as you sideways glance my way.
As you share your wit and wisdom
in a warm and friendly way.
Some people see your wrinkles,
I see your loving smile.
You are always in the wings
when I’m struggling with a trial.
I’ll always love you Grandma
because you are the best.
A most mischievous Grandma,
better far than all the rest



Little darling grandson
Today you’re one year old
And every day you’ve brought
All the joy that life could hold
You’re such a special little boy
And from the day that you were born
You’ve brought so much sunshine
Into the world each morn

When your eyes are shining brightly
It’s obvious to see
That one day you will for certain
Become all you’re meant to be.
You are to simply everyone
A special little man
Who brings the kind of happiness
That nothing’s greater than

For even when it’s raining
On cold and cloudy days,
You bring so many smiles
With your funny little ways,
You’re a beautiful Grandson
And, when your birthdays been and gone,
It will have brought so much happiness
Now that you are one!!


Husband and Wife

“Happy Birthday” means much more
Than have a happy day.
Within these words lie lots of things
I never get to say.

It means I love you first of all,
Then thanks for all you do.
It means you mean a lot to me,
And that I’m proud of you.

But most of all, I guess it means
That I am thinking of
Your happiness on this, your day,
With pleasure and with love.


For all the happiness we share
For all the joy you’ve brought,
For all the ways you show you care
This brings a loving thought
And though I’ve said
I love you
So many times before
I want to tell you once again
Each day I love you more


I wonder if you’ll ever know
How much you mean to me,
For you have made me realise
How happy life can be,
And on this very special day
This comes to tell you, too,
The only person in the world
For me to love is you.


My Dearest (Husband) or (Name)
My Darling, with a capital D,
Just a little poem to tell you
You mean the World to me.

I love you oh so very much
Totally, completely
From the very top of my head
To the bottom of my feetly

You’ve given me such happiness
Adventure and fun,
Like our joyful times in (Place)
And our (Place) days in the sun.

Forever my darling (Name)
Our love will be true
I promise that forever
I’ll love only you

Just promise me this, my darling
You’ll give your love in return
And make this fire in my soul
Burn, forever burn

Because you’re such a good man,
In spirit, and in charm.
I’m so lucky to be your wife,
By your side, arm in arm.

Our family ever joyous,
Our hearts forever one.
I’m thrilled for us – it’s glorious,
A life that’s good and fun.

Of course, you know I love you
And you surely must know, too
That my very happiest moments
Are those spent with you

For when we’re together
Or when we’re apart
You’re first in my thoughts
And first in my heart

(Name), darling, I’ll say again,
Without prompting, without cue,
You mean the world to me, my love,
I’ll be forever loving you.


In-Laws’ Birthdays

 Just can’t help feeling lucky
That someone as nice as you
Has a place within our family
And fits so nicely too.
This card brings the warmest wishes
Now your Special Birthday’s here
For the things that make you happy
Every day throughout the year.
Happy Birthday to Someone Special