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A wedding is a sacred thing,
Where man and wife exchange a ring,
And look into each other’s eyes,
Reciting vows beneath the skies.

Tears of joy are what they shed,
This is where their lives have led,
A special moment both can share,
For all to see, their lives laid bare.

Their lives together now begin,
In front of guests and friends and kin,
No longer do they need to roam,
They now begin to build a home.

by Lucilla Moretti


It’s your Wedding Day
So perfect and fine,
With all your friends round you
To have a good time.
And we wish you much happiness
Starting your lives as one,
Always give love to each other
With lots of laughter and fun


As you start out together
Along life’s busy road
Remember, bring your dreams with you,
They lighten every load
And then you will discover
As your journey starts today
That happiness walks with you
Hand-in-hand along the way

Congratulations on your Wedding


It’s fitting that it’s sunny
As you become a wife
Since from the day that you were born
You’ve been the sunshine of my life

You’ve been the perfect daughter
I couldn’t have asked for more
This comes with love to my Wonderful
Daughter and son-in-law